Anglican Camping

All Anglican Camping leaders are accredited under the ChildSafe program. ChildSafe exists to serve organisations working with children and young people, with the goal of improved child safety. ChildSafe is used across Australia by large organisations with thousands of workers through to small community churches.

Sunshine Association of Tasmania

Anglican Camping Tasmania is grateful for the ongoing support of the Sunshine Association of Tasmania. The Sunshine Association operates to further the health, happiness and general welfare of less privileged children in Tasmania. Each year, the Sunshine Association provides financial assistance to families who cannot afford to send their children on an Anglican Camp. If you would like to receive assistance, please complete the 'Request for Sponsorship' form and email a copy to

Promotional Material
Anglican Camping has a variety of equipment that is available to be borrowed. This includes tents, craft supplies, sporting equipment, life jackets and board gamesr. For a full list of resources, see the 'Equipment Library.'
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